Monday, April 16, 2012

Restoration Hardware Bookshelf Knock Off

A friend has a small little boy and spied this bookcase from Restoration Hardware Kids.

Mr Sensible who is pretty handy and has a boatload of tools thought it would be a easy project.....

Well not quite as easy as you might think.  As you can see in this picture it has some step backs on the sides to give it dimension.

They were a lot more challenging than at first thought.

After some Math, and measuring blah blah blah we came up with the dimensions.  If we had cut it with a jig saw it probably wouldn't have been to hard, but I did mention all the tools right.  He cut it on the band saw and that got difficult with the length of the board and the angles. He also cut both at the same time so they would be identical.

We added the shelves and the back then decided it would be a good idea to paint that part before the fronts went on.  Good plan there..

Then as you can see the fronts had a scoop cut out of them..So what size scoop do we want...  Used a plate and paper to gauge what the size should be...

 Then transferred that to the piece of wood.

Then cut those out with the jig saw.

They also needed the smaller piece of wood to keep the books from toppling out of the shelf.

Here she is in her almost glory. The only thing we did differently was to make it wider than the original.

I painted it a custom grey color to coordinate with some frames she had, then I put on some dark wax to give it dimension.

Here it is all loaded up with books.  They decided to leave it on the floor for now.   He isn't even crawling yet so the potential for it to become a ladder is somewhere in the future. ;)


  1. Yea, I guess a ladder would be out of the question. lol. This looks so good. Y'all did good.

  2. this is a great knockoff with such good workmanship! I think you should make a swedish plate rack next!!


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