Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Executive Desk

Here it is all Finished!

Here it is at the Goodwill Store.....

This piece is not from our trip, I made a stop at our local Goodwill and came away with this beauty. It has all its hardware and all its trim which usually gets broken off over the years. I was excited.

Let me tell you this beast is HEAVY. It will make me rethink doing one of these again any time soon.  I have done them at the store but never had to transport them.  UGH!

I painted it black, distressed it and put a dark wax on it.  I sprayed the hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze and I was done.  Sounds so easy right....

It took forever, I started in our garage but it was so humid and rainy when I did it that the paint would get a film on it and I could not put another coat over it.  We had to move it to the basement where it would be climate controlled, let it dry completely then put the second coat on and moved along.

I put two coats of Poly on the top of it to make it more user friendly.

I took it to the store and it sold in like 3 weeks.  These always are a big hit and someone always has the space for them.  I am so glad we did not have to transport it one more time!

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