Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Framed Chalkboards

When we went to Chattanooga a few weeks ago we had to stop in some thrift stores and look what I found....
 I know they don't look like much two picture frames but I had ideas.....

I painted the first one grey then glazed over it with white, painted the glass with chalkboard paint and we have a great chalkboard maybe for the kitchen?

 The second one I painted with Anne Sloans Old White Caulk Paint and distressed it.  Then put on clear wax and painted the glass with chalk board Paint.  Awesome!

I really like using glass for the chalk paint because it goes on so smooth.  I use a small 4 inch foam roller and put two coats on.  Works like a charm.  I do feel that I have to put a note on the back that the chalkboard is indeed glass so BE CAREFUL don't want to break it.

I recently found a blog about Chalk Ink goes on like paint rubs off with water and won't smudge like the above picture.
I ordered some,  as of yet I have not tried it.

Looking forward to my next chalkpaint project to give the Chalk Ink a whirl

Have a great week.

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