Monday, April 30, 2012

Storage Coffee Table

Didn't get a before..... or Mid..... This is the end result.  It was pine and has nifty wheels under it cause it is BIG!  Both sides of the top flip up and you can put Tons of things in it. Toys, Bedding whatever you may want to  hide I mean store.

Have a great week,

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fly Away Chest of Drawers

I have no shame,  I have to admit I found this inspiration over at Cottage Hill and I totally loved it. 

The chest of drawers was one we found on our trip to Florida,

The sides of the chest were veneer and it had been out in the elements I guess cause while it was on our trailer going through Florida, Alabama and Georgia the veneer totally came off the sides of the thing.  What to do?   It was pressed board underneath and that does not paint well.  I took my bead board wallpaper, you can purchase it  here from Rhoda.  I  papered the sides of the Chest. Then painted the whole thing white. 

I went to the Graphics Fairy and found the birds.  Added them with Mod Podge and painted the branches and leaves. I did add a bit of shadow under the birds to give them a bit of dimension.

I added wood knobs painted white.

I must thank Lindy at Cottage Hill,  her piece was so pretty, I just had to make one of my own.

Have a Great Week!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Restoration Hardware Bookshelf Knock Off

A friend has a small little boy and spied this bookcase from Restoration Hardware Kids.

Mr Sensible who is pretty handy and has a boatload of tools thought it would be a easy project.....

Well not quite as easy as you might think.  As you can see in this picture it has some step backs on the sides to give it dimension.

They were a lot more challenging than at first thought.

After some Math, and measuring blah blah blah we came up with the dimensions.  If we had cut it with a jig saw it probably wouldn't have been to hard, but I did mention all the tools right.  He cut it on the band saw and that got difficult with the length of the board and the angles. He also cut both at the same time so they would be identical.

We added the shelves and the back then decided it would be a good idea to paint that part before the fronts went on.  Good plan there..

Then as you can see the fronts had a scoop cut out of them..So what size scoop do we want...  Used a plate and paper to gauge what the size should be...

 Then transferred that to the piece of wood.

Then cut those out with the jig saw.

They also needed the smaller piece of wood to keep the books from toppling out of the shelf.

Here she is in her almost glory. The only thing we did differently was to make it wider than the original.

I painted it a custom grey color to coordinate with some frames she had, then I put on some dark wax to give it dimension.

Here it is all loaded up with books.  They decided to leave it on the floor for now.   He isn't even crawling yet so the potential for it to become a ladder is somewhere in the future. ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Table

 This little table came from our Local Thrift Store. 

This is the before...

The top was pretty banged up and the bottom was light bleached wood.  BAD!!

I sanded it down and painted it a Behr Yellow color I had left over from a client project......Then I put a dark wax over it without distressing it...

  It makes me think of Spring.  ;)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Executive Desk

Here it is all Finished!

Here it is at the Goodwill Store.....

This piece is not from our trip, I made a stop at our local Goodwill and came away with this beauty. It has all its hardware and all its trim which usually gets broken off over the years. I was excited.

Let me tell you this beast is HEAVY. It will make me rethink doing one of these again any time soon.  I have done them at the store but never had to transport them.  UGH!

I painted it black, distressed it and put a dark wax on it.  I sprayed the hardware Oil Rubbed Bronze and I was done.  Sounds so easy right....

It took forever, I started in our garage but it was so humid and rainy when I did it that the paint would get a film on it and I could not put another coat over it.  We had to move it to the basement where it would be climate controlled, let it dry completely then put the second coat on and moved along.

I put two coats of Poly on the top of it to make it more user friendly.

I took it to the store and it sold in like 3 weeks.  These always are a big hit and someone always has the space for them.  I am so glad we did not have to transport it one more time!

Have a great week,

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