Monday, January 7, 2013

The old Hutch she ain't what she used to be...

This is what it looked like when we found it at a garage sale.

 Oh look it has lights and they work bonus... what it also had was glass shelves (missing one) and glass in the front doors and glass in the sides (again missing one)  Had to go to the glass store, I took a shelf I had and the one side that I had and asked them to make one of each following the pieces I brought them.  The doors and the sides of the cabinet had curved glass.  Not too bad 28.00 later I had all the glass I needed.  I took out the "mullens" on the two side doors. 

 Here was my problem,  the base of the top was fronted with that veneer tape.... and it all came off when I was cleaning it.  So I had exposed pressed board.  Let me tell you from experience that does not take paint well. 

 I thought I could fix it by using my Dap fix it caulk that I use on dry wall.  It worked okay but when I sanded it smooth it pretty much went away and the exposed pressed board was still there.

 So my next move was one I had done before when we built a cabinet and I used wood glue and a brush.  I brushed that glue on there and let it dry.  Worked like a charm sealed that edge right up.
I painted it Annie Sloans Old White,  I distressed it on the edges.  I changed the pull on the drawer and painted all the rest of the knobs Oiled Rubbed Bronze to match the new cup pull.
I believe the "tree" next to it on the right has grown into the cabinet.. I do not think this is permanent!

It is now at Treasures Resale Consignment Store in Roswell, GA 

Stop in sometime if you are in the area.

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