Thursday, January 17, 2013

TV Cabinet, a Repair and a Redesign

This is a TV cabinet,  when we purchased it the left side door was broken.  Not the glass but the frame of the door.  Mr. Sensible Redesign fixed that right up.  He also suggested that we put a wire in the door instead of the glass,  I was all for that.

You can see the broken door here.  It has a swivel top in natural wood.

The top also had a groove about 1 1/2 in from the edge.  The center was in pretty good shape but the edge was in rather bad shape.  So I taped the edge off and Mr. Sensible Redesign sanded that part down.  Unfortunately  it was Maple and didn't take a dark stain I wanted to put on it very well.  SO I spray painted it with Oil Rubbed Bronze!  It came out great!

 Here is the after picture.  The top was pretty cool it came right off with one screw removal.  So I could paint all the sides and the top.  I painted it Anne Sloans Old White and kept the knobs the natural color that matched the top.  You can see the small square mesh we used.  It came in the metal / silver color and I sprayed that with the Oil Rubbed Bronze as well.

 Have a great week,

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  1. That is very pretty. I love the dark edge too. Maybe I don't have Mr Sensible around but I can paint (with your guidance). Just need to be done with this remodel which is temporarily on hold - waiting for plaster guys.


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