Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Old School Vanity

I found this vanity at our local thrift store.  I thought it was unusual.

Of course it didn't look like this when I saw it ;)

It looked like this.....
 And this .............
  that rectangle at the bottom I figured was for another mirror so I had one cut to fill the opening.

I painted it with Annie Sloans Antique White then distressed it and glazed it with a grey glaze.  I also put a clear wax on it.

Here it is at Treasures Resale Consignment Store.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

White Desk

Here is another garage sale find.

People are always looking for desks for their children or grandchildren to to their homework.


This was a good candidate for paint.

I used a Sherwin Williams color  "Crisp Linen" mixed at Home Depot in their Behr Ultra satin finish.

I distressed the edges and put a clear wax on the drawers and body of the piece.  I then used Poly on the top to make it more durable.  I put the original hardware back on and called it done.

Have a great week.

Monday, January 21, 2013

French Dresser Love

Today I am going to show you a French Dresser I picked up at the local thrift store.  I know it seems like I get everything there and I mostly do! ;)

Here it is in all its glory,  I think it is so pretty.

Here is what it looked like when I bought it.  Not bad but not "pretty"

Here is a close up of a drawer they are all curved.
I painted the body of the piece Annie Sloans Country Grey mixed with Old White.  Then I mixed a LOT more Old White to that mixture and painted the drawers.  They appear almost white but they aren't.

I distressed the piece and used a clear wax on it and Poly on the top.  I also painted the drawer pulls.  First I sprayed them with an off white, then I painted them with the darker of the two colors and dry brushed them with the lighter color.  I didn't feel they had enough contrast so I used a dark wax on them in the crevices.

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

TV Cabinet, a Repair and a Redesign

This is a TV cabinet,  when we purchased it the left side door was broken.  Not the glass but the frame of the door.  Mr. Sensible Redesign fixed that right up.  He also suggested that we put a wire in the door instead of the glass,  I was all for that.

You can see the broken door here.  It has a swivel top in natural wood.

The top also had a groove about 1 1/2 in from the edge.  The center was in pretty good shape but the edge was in rather bad shape.  So I taped the edge off and Mr. Sensible Redesign sanded that part down.  Unfortunately  it was Maple and didn't take a dark stain I wanted to put on it very well.  SO I spray painted it with Oil Rubbed Bronze!  It came out great!

 Here is the after picture.  The top was pretty cool it came right off with one screw removal.  So I could paint all the sides and the top.  I painted it Anne Sloans Old White and kept the knobs the natural color that matched the top.  You can see the small square mesh we used.  It came in the metal / silver color and I sprayed that with the Oil Rubbed Bronze as well.

 Have a great week,

Monday, January 14, 2013

Just a quick one....

Just a quick blog about a bookcase we found at a garage sale.  It was once white then painted blue and now it is white again.  Very nice beadboard in the back of the case and on the sides. 

 I painted this one with my favorite Behr paint with the primer in it the color is Sherwin Williams "Crisp Linen"

I took it to Treasures Resale Consignment Store Roswell, GA.

Everyone is looking for bookcases right?  I thought so ;)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Antique Chair

Here is a very old chair I had the pleasure to Redesign. 

 It is a chair that was donated to the Store where I volunteer.  Treasures Resale Consignment store in Roswell Ga.  It looked like this when I started.
Not bad but it would not sell....

 Cute little wheels only on the front legs.

 I took off the gimp that was covering all the staples around the upholstery.  Then I painted it with Annie Sloans Old White chalk paint.
I then sanded the white off on all the high spots and ridges, and put a clear wax on the whole thing.

After that I took a tan linen fabric and covered the seat and the cushion at the back of the chair.

 I added new gimp that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  You may notice that the top  of the chair detail must have broken off and someone glued it back on but got it a bit crooked.  I decided not to try and fix this and instead call it character ;)  I think these things add character and need not be put back to rights.

 Hope you have a great week.

Monday, January 7, 2013

The old Hutch she ain't what she used to be...

This is what it looked like when we found it at a garage sale.

 Oh look it has lights and they work bonus... what it also had was glass shelves (missing one) and glass in the front doors and glass in the sides (again missing one)  Had to go to the glass store, I took a shelf I had and the one side that I had and asked them to make one of each following the pieces I brought them.  The doors and the sides of the cabinet had curved glass.  Not too bad 28.00 later I had all the glass I needed.  I took out the "mullens" on the two side doors. 

 Here was my problem,  the base of the top was fronted with that veneer tape.... and it all came off when I was cleaning it.  So I had exposed pressed board.  Let me tell you from experience that does not take paint well. 

 I thought I could fix it by using my Dap fix it caulk that I use on dry wall.  It worked okay but when I sanded it smooth it pretty much went away and the exposed pressed board was still there.

 So my next move was one I had done before when we built a cabinet and I used wood glue and a brush.  I brushed that glue on there and let it dry.  Worked like a charm sealed that edge right up.
I painted it Annie Sloans Old White,  I distressed it on the edges.  I changed the pull on the drawer and painted all the rest of the knobs Oiled Rubbed Bronze to match the new cup pull.
I believe the "tree" next to it on the right has grown into the cabinet.. I do not think this is permanent!

It is now at Treasures Resale Consignment Store in Roswell, GA 

Stop in sometime if you are in the area.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Cute Little Magnet Board

This is my cute little Message Board I recently made. 

 It came like with a magnet board in the large area and a decorative board on the top AND it had Grape magnets!!  I neglected to take a photo of those  :O

I painted it Annie Sloans Old White and painted both inserts with spray Chalkboard paint.  It really works amazing so smooth a very nice finish indeed.  Now the top is a Blackboard and the bottom is a combination chalkboard AND Magnetic! 

Then I needed to get new magnets.....  Or make them I guess.

I went to Hobby  Lobby found black and white buttons and big magnets to glue on the back.  Worked like a charm.

I tried my hand at a Chalk design header in the top space...

Took it to Treasures Resale Consignment where I volunteer and it sold very quickly!!  Yay

Thats all folks

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Do we have a desk for you!

This is a cute little desk from back in the day....

 Here she is when we found her...
Mr. Sensible Redesign took this desk on as his project.

Here she is after maybe two coats of paint remover.  I think she liked dress up cause she had maybe 5 layers of "clothes" on.  This aqua is a pretty color though don't you think.  I saved some of this color so I could have some mixed.

Here he is almost down to the bare metal.

Here she is all finished painted in Georgia or (Wisconsin) colors black and red.  An added bonus is that the writing part of the desk is a chalkboard.

Happy New Year Everyone!  May you all be bless beyond measure in 2013

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