Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cat and Mouse Part 3 The Bed!

Sheesh this just goes on and on, she was only gone a week!   Apparently I did a lot of painting while "the Cat was away!"  Anyhow, here is the bed that I promised yesterday.  Just as a refresher I used the paint technique from Savvy Southern Style found here.

This is the bed before I did anything.  It was a bit different from the previous post pieces that I did, as this one had paint on it already.  Oil based paint someone had tried to get off and gave up.  Then they "donated" it to us.  Thanks, I have to love those people!  I do admit it sat in the warehouse for a few many many months, no one seemed to know what to do with it.  Not wanting to mess with taking the paint off,  I tend to want to take the easy way out.  This paint technique I wanted to try,  I thought might work.  Just paint the colors over what was already there and be done with it!  As you can see it was very chippy as well, I thought that might work to my advantage.  I painted it our white "Sherwin Williams Crisp Linen" over everything, then some green and then some blue here and there.  Visit the Savvy Southern Style site mentioned above she gives more detailed instructions. 

Here is an area of the bed after the painting and then the distressing.  I sanded (using 80 grit paper cause this technique looks best when its pretty scratchy looking) but only to the old paint which is the yellow that you are seeing.  Where it shows bare wood it was already bare wood when I started.

This is a close up of the headboard finished.  After I distressed I put a dark glaze over everything, which worked great in all the chippy parts and areas.  It really is SHABBY looking though.  I was not sure how long this would stay on the floor for sale.  I believed it would take just the right person to want this.


Here it is all fluffed out in the store.  Keep in mind our decorator uses just what we have in the store to make things work.  She does amazing things,  things we would never think of ourselves.  But it seems to work.  In that plate rack to the left of the bed on the wall, are bundles of books I was inspired to make after looking at a few  peoples blogs.  (big smile here  I get so inspired my head is usually spinning with ideas.)

Apparently the painting method is a hit, the bed was on the floor exactly 24 hours and someone bought it. Bedding, mattress and all!! 

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  1. Golly! That is one gorgeous bed, I'm not surprised the bought the whole kit 'n' kaboodle. You are one talented lady! :]

  2. Wow, that looks great and it sold in a day. Woo hoo. Thanks for the reference to me. So people give y'all stuff they don't want and you paint them to sell. Cool job.


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