Monday, February 14, 2011

The Table had no Leaves!!

I have spent many hours on the internet looking at peoples blogs and was once again inspired.

 I have to give credit to Miss Mustard Seed for inspiring me once again.  Please check here for her wonderful blog about signs.

Being that the cat was still away I (the mouse) found these old table leaves in the back of the warehouse.  They were so old they didn't have any finish on them to speak of no wax, no varnish nothing.  Made it very easy to use them with out much if any prep. 

I did cut off the little pegs that make the leaves fit together when in the table I didn't think we needed those on the piece.  I did not however fill the holes that said pegs would fit into.  Left those so people would know it was a reclaimed piece.  I painted it off white.  What  we use at the shop for all of our white is Sherwin Williams Crisp Linen.  Then I found the wording I wanted on line, and the font I wanted in Print Shop.  After a few tries I got the words to fit the board size.  Printed that sucker out and pasted the pages (3) together then transferred the letters to the board and painted the letters with Black Bean from Behr.

 After that was done I distressed the sign with sand paper right over the words and the white paint.  Next step was the glaze.  Dark brown wiped that off and the sign was done. 

It is hanging in the shop now!  If you are in the area please stop in and visit.

Treasures Resale Consignment Shop
11060 Alpharetta Highway #140
Roswell, GA 30076-1466
(770) 594-2939


  1. I saw your sign project on The Speckled Dog blog. I am a fan of Miss Mustard Seed as well. Great job your sign! I am a new follower...I'll be back.


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