Wednesday, February 16, 2011

When the Cats away The Mouse will Play Part 2

 This little chest came in while the Cat was away, she never even saw it.  It had been  donated one morning just before I arrived.  I decided it needed to be painted and took it home. Pronto!!

I also found this empty frame. We like to have a few pieces that look somewhat the same to put together on the floor. It went home as well.

That little plate on the side came off and I filled the holes with wood putty.  Had the mister cut a piece of wood for the back and painted that with Chalk board paint.

 Here is the companion mirror that came home with me from a previous post.

Using a painting technique I found at one of my most favorite blogs "Savvy Southern Style" check it out here .  I went ahead and tried the technique.  It turned out amazing, I was so happy with it.... see for yourself.

The mirror really shows the off white, blue and green that went into the painting of the pieces. I distressed them quite heavily, then glazed them.

Then for the icing on the cake.  The little chest sold with in 3 hours of it going on the floor.  Actually it was just sitting on the floor nothing had been displayed with it to make it look all pretty.  Hence the picture above with the chalk board just sitting on it.  I at least wanted a picture before he took it away!!

Our decorator then proceeded to put the bed I had painted in the same technique where she was going to put the chest. 

 Come back tomorrow for the post about the bed.



  1. What a beautiful transformation! I've been dying to try that paint technique myself and just found the perfect little table to do it on. Thanks for sharing!!


  2. that looks amazing! how in the world do you find the will power to bring the items back into the shop... that piece would have definitely staying in my house:)


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