Saturday, February 12, 2011

When the Cat is away the Mouse will Play

Hi everyone,  I must say I have been enjoying everyone's blogs and am so inspired.

Lets say the Cat was away from the shop and the mouse was playing left on my own to find something to paint. (The Cat being the manager of our shop, poor thing was out for a week with the flu.) The mouse (that would be me) found two old mirrors that came in with a dresser.  The dresser was painted and went out the door but the mirrors sadly were left behind, and were pushed further and further into the background of the warehouse.  I found them and wanted to try a new technique that I had seen here.  Miss Mustard Seed, let me just say I am in love with the things she does!

So back to my project I purchased little sample pots of the colors she used, Georgian Revivial Blue by Sherwin Williams and  Light French Grey by Behr and I went to work.  This is the transformation of one of the mirrors.

 Here is the before of the mirror, not much to look at except all the things reflected in our shop. Sorry I will have to work on the taking of pictures.  More on that later.

 I painted the darker turquoise then painted the lighter french blue on in streaks and blotches.  Sorry no pictures of this step again (picture taking 101, I apparently skipped that class)

I then sanded with 80 grit sand paper, and glazed the piece. I took this picture after it was hung in the shop and all you see is the ceiling of the shop.  Sorry, but the mirror frame looks amazing.  ;)

I was SO happy with the way it turned out.  I mean really excited.  I love the colors but have to admit the middle stage where it was just the two colors was a bit off putting to say the least.  I guess you could say that was the ugly stage.  I use that term in my decorative painting as well,  that middle stage you just have to trust me that it will turn out, cause by looking at it one might wonder what I was doing.

I am excited to try this on a bigger piece maybe a chest of drawers if one comes in to the shop.

Stay tuned for more of my projects from "When the cat was away the mouse will play"

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  1. That mirror looks great. Marian is very good with her techniques. I may have to try these colors on my buffet in the dining room. It is just plain cherry right now and needs to be shabbied up. I will have to visit this shop some time soon.


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