Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Chair, Little Chair

On our way back from Florida we came up through Alabama.  That was fun.  We found a Habitat for Humanity Resale store.  Got some good finds there and was fun in this big warehouse with real dim light picking through stuff.  We found this little chair....

I had so many ideas for it...... the little chair kept talking to me and didn't seem to want to go in the same direction as I wanted it to go.....  Mr. Sensible sanded down the seat for me.  Then I painted it ASCP Old White.  Distressed it and used clear and dark wax.   Simple sometimes is the best.
Here it is in the store.......Ready for Easter!


  1. Very the color and finish :o)

  2. YOur little chair really brings back memories. I am a retired elementary teacher. I had a thirty year career in the school of my childhood. When I began my career in 1971, the classroom had many of these little oak chairs. They were marked under the bottom 1949 so I probably sat in them as a first or second grader myself. They remained very sturdy being built to last. I painted them yellow and used them until they were finally replaced in the 1990. They were replaced with vinyl and aluminum which was light weight and actually caused a rash on the back of little thighs exposed when wearing shorts. I loved my yellow chairs and hated to see them go and missed them but wasn't given a choice.

    You have a real treasure that can be passed on to another generation.

  3. It's hard to resist little wooden chairs. I love the technique and color you used on this one. Pretty little Easter vingette too.



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