Monday, March 5, 2012

A Low Country REDO

a redo

This is my redo of the low chest I wrote about perhaps two weeks ago HERE. I brought it home and painted it a different color.
To recap this is what it looked like when we found it in South Alabama.


This is what it looked like when I painted it such a pretty Chalk Paint Paris Grey. Two watermarks classy... and I am too lazy to fix it...sorry

Low Chest(13)W

I took it to the store and it Did……Not…….Sell…………….I brought it home and this is what it looks like now.

a redo
I took it back to the store Saturday,  they assured me it would sell now……
We shall see. Someone suggested that I paint it with a dry brush white, I tried to do that but I have a rather heavy hand with the dry brush I am afraid, so…

I painted Old White Chalk Paint over the Paris Grey, one coat and sanded it down.  Then I put clear wax and then Dark Wax on it some areas. 

I must say that painting over a piece that is already waxed and then sanding down is a different look.  I think I like it….it has a chippy look as apposed to painting one color then painting another color then sanding.

Try it sometime you might be pleasantly surprised.

I woke at 4 am this morning and realized that I didn’t put those little brass key guards on it when I took it back…oopsie

Perhaps it will sell so quickly that I won’t have time to get back and put them on..One can hope right?

Have a great week…

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  1. I love the lighter look....I bet it will sell quickly now! If not,you can send it to me :o)


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