Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Adventure Continues….

My client wanted me to present a program to her women's group about how to paint furniture.  As I mentioned in the previous post I usually do a presentation where I actually do the work and you watch.  Which takes 2 hours and they didn’t have that much time.  So when I said I would do this I knew I needed props to show just what each step looked like with out the mess. 
My idea was to get picture frames from the thrift stores, hopefully ones that had some lots of detail to them.  I would take out the glass or mirror which ever they came with and paint that with chalkboard paint.  Then I would tape off one corner of each frame so they could see what it started out as.  I had 5 frames.  I did each step on one and displayed them on picture easels.  I set them up on the table with the products right behind each step so as I talked about the step I could show the result and show the product that I use.  The cleaner, The deglosser,   How one coat looks apposed to two…(hint better :)
The Distressing with Sander and sand paper, The clear and dark wax,photo(5) 
The glaze,  and the Polyurethane, I also showed on the smaller frame in front how to not distress if the underneath was not attractive and use Rub ‘n Buff instead to
I also brought along my different color samples that are my go to basic colors. The small samples are my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors. 
photo(10) Here it is all together. 
There were 28 people there and they served a fantastic lunch before hand.  If any of them are reading this I do Thank you for the lunch, it was some of the best food ever, all in one place!

Notice the yellow round thing draped a the end,  that is my “ assistant” holding up what my client thought would be a GREAT before and after.  A table that she provided me with to paint and distress….. more of that next time…


  1. I am sure that was a great presentation. I am too nervous in front of people.

  2. Great presentation ideas! I know it was amazing!


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