Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Start of an Adventure

I have started work for a very interesting client.  She is a wonderful lady with so many ideas, she is a whirlwind and takes you along for the ride. 
We have a history that I was not quite aware of, she is a client at the store where I volunteer.  She has purchased quite a few of my painted pieces from the store. But when she called me to paint her kitchen cabinets I said no. That was a few months ago.  She called again a couple of weeks ago and asked If I would paint her kitchen Island.  Well I have done a few bathroom vanities' and it wasn’t so bad ( the whole kitchen  is too much work for me) I said I would come look at it, give her a price and help her pick a color. 
Here is the before picture…I had samples of a green, yellow, white, red, and black.  We at first thought black would be too much because her appliances were black, and we were leaning towards the green.
Dconroys islandw
In the end she picked black (which in hindsight was the correct choice) and wanted it distressed.  So off to work I went.  I cleaned, I deglossed then I painted two coats of Behr Premium “Black (Forever).  I took the doors and drawers home with me gave them two coats and did the distressing and waxing at my house.  I took them back and put them back on the island and here is the result.

island picw
I have recently seen another blogger who did her island, it had so much more detail because she had the door fronts all around.  My project looks rather plain in comparison, but I does look really good in my clients  kitchen,  It makes the island stand out and be different.  Don’t you love her knobs.  She does love the glitz.  :)

The reason I said in the beginning that she takes you on a ride is because when I was at her house working, she mentioned that she belongs to  a women's group that meets once a month and she was in charge of the program for Nov.   Would I come and give a presentation on how to paint furniture.  hmmmm  I have done this at the store a few times but it is a program where I actually do the work and you would watch.  That takes about 2 hours.  They didn’t have that much time so a 45 min short version would be in order. 
I know that is the BEST and cheapest way to market yourself so I said I would do it…..

Stay tuned for the presentation…


  1. Sounds great Connie! Good for you, your island came out wonderfully~with all of your nicely finished pieces, work will be finding you!

  2. It did turn out beautiful! Isn't it funny how good things just come to you. Funny maybe, but not surprising. You are so talented.

    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute


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