Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dresser and Nightstands

This dresser along with two nightstands again was found at another thrift store in my area.  I tell you I have one day a week that I go out and the thrift stores are in about a 5 mile stretch down one highway I start on my right and hit two then go a bit further south and turn into one on the left then come back up the highway and hit two more!  Very convenient of them I must say to put them all in a row for me. ;)

The furniture started out like this:

Pretty  awful I might say.  The tops were really bad.  It is the same brand as the one I did for my neighbor you can see here.  The top of that one was really messed up too.  I sanded them all really good and then went to work painting them Black my go to Behr Premium with the Primer already in it. Called Black (Forever).  It goes on almost a navy blue but dries the truest black I have ever seen.

Hope you enjoyed my project of the week

1 comment:

  1. Looks great. Can't go wrong with black furniture. Looks good almost anywhere. Good to know about that black by Behr. I will eventually have to repaint my black kitchen cabinets.


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